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IPTV Software and Hardware Producer, Russia
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71 —
12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
Mbps network; 1000 Mbps
networks are not so unusual
anymore today and when it
involves new construction,
it’s a good idea to use the
proper cabling.
Real professionals natu-
rally don’t even use VLC as
streaming software, instead
they use specialized stream-
ing programs for the com-
mand lines. This has the
advantage of being able to
operate the IPTV server
without a monitor; Secure-
Shell (ssh) is used for ac-
cess instead. An example of
just such an IPTV stream-
ing software is MumuDVB.
15. A VLC window is running as a server on the IPTV server making
the streams available. As a test four additional VLC windows are
running as clients and display four different channels in parallel
16. Network load with 16 parallel streamed channels in MPEG-4
17. MumuDVB streams a complete DVB-C transponder; czap keeps
an eye on the reception quality at the same time
18. Simultaneous presentation of the MumuDVB IPTV stream; a
real studio feeling comes over you!