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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
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Multimedia Receiver
We here at TELE-satellite
really love it when a man-
ufacturer, after introduc-
ing one of their products,
continues to listen to the
customers wishes and sug-
gestions and then actually
implements them.
An example of one of
these manufacturers is
Karmacom from Hungary
whose top receiver model
Alien SHD-8900 we first
introduced to you in the
05-06/2011 issue of TELE-
satellite. It‘s a receiver with
the world‘s first dual boot
system. We were quite im-
pressed already with the
Alien back then and as the
sales figures showed it re-
ceived high marks not only
with TELE-satellite but with
end users as well.
But Karmacom wasn‘t
satisfied and continued to
work on improving their
Amiko Alien receiver. All
of this work has resulted
in not one but two dis-
tinct improvements: first
is the WLK-100 two-in-one
keyboard with track pad
and the second is a large
software update (version
number 1.2.07) with which
Karmacom has added a
large assortment of new
But first things first; let‘s
start with the wireless two-
in-one keyboard that turns
the Alien into an exception-
al multimedia center.
The actual keyboard itself
takes up about two thirds
of the space on the WLK-
100. Despite the relatively
small size of the buttons,
the keyboard is quite easy
to use. It‘s laid out in the US
American standard and can
therefore be used interna-
The right side of the WLK-
100 consists of the track
pad, two mouse buttons as
well as cross-shaped but-
tons. We especially liked the
fact that the keyboard did
not run off of standard bat-
teries; instead it is powered
by an internal 3.3V power
supply. It is integrated into
the WLK-100 and is charged
through a micro USB port.
You can connect it to any
available USB port or you
can simply use an inexpen-
sive USB charger that you
can find in any electronics
The WLK-100 is back-
lit so that it can easily be
used in a dark room. And
even if the backlight is used
regularly, the WLK-100 does
not put a great load on the
power supply; in fact, the
wireless keyboard can be
used all day without having
to worry about recharging
it. The integrated Standby
function is in large part the
reason for this. It automati-
cally puts the two-in-one
keyboard into an energy
saving mode after a certain
amount of inactivity.
The signal transmission
to the receiver takes place
in the 2.4 GHz range and
should therefore not cause