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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
Amiko WLK-100
Excellent modification: Converts the
popular Alien receiver into a fully
functional Multimedia Center
A wireless keyboard with
track pad for control
of the Amiko Alien and
a large software update
Thomas Haring
We here at TELE-satellite
really love it when a man-
ufacturer, after introduc-
ing one of their products,
continues to listen to the
customers wishes and sug-
gestions and then actually
implements them.
An example of one of
these manufacturers is
Karmacom from Hungary
whose top receiver model
Alien SHD-8900 we first
introduced to you in the
05-06/2011 issue of TELE-
satellite. It‘s a receiver with
the world‘s first dual boot
system. We were quite im-
pressed already with the
Alien back then and as the
sales figures showed it re-
ceived high marks not only
with TELE-satellite but with
end users as well.
But Karmacom wasn‘t sat-
isfied and continued to work
on improving their Amiko
Alien receiver. All of this
work has resulted in not one
but two distinct improve-
ments: first is the WLK-100
two-in-one keyboard with
track pad and the second
is a large software update
(version number 1.2.07)
with which Karmacom has
added a large assortment of
new features.
But first things first; let‘s
start with the wireless two-
in-one keyboard that turns
the Alien into an exception-
al multimedia center.
The actual keyboard itself
takes up about two thirds
of the space on the WLK-
100. Despite the relatively
small size of the buttons,
the keyboard is quite easy
to use. It‘s laid out in the
US American standard and
can therefore be used in-
The right side of the WLK-
100 consists of the track
pad, two mouse buttons as
well as cross-shaped but-
tons. We especially liked
the fact that the keyboard
did not run off of standard
batteries; instead it is pow-
ered by an internal 3.3V
power supply. It is integrat-
The Alien receiver test report
from the 05-06/2011 issue of
TELE-satellite magazine. The
new wireless keyboard turns
this receiver into a complete
Mutlimedia Center.
Multimedia Receiver