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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
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Combo Receiver
Jiuzhou’s combo receiver
DTS6695 is so new it arrived
at the TELE-satellite edito-
rial office in a blank white
box devoid of any logo or
When we opened the box
we were in for another sur-
prise: Well aware of its in-
creasingly prominent posi-
tion as global supplier of
top-notch receivers, Jiuzhou
has made a smart move
towards being compat-
ible with all sorts of power
supplies and mains sockets
– the receiver itself comes
without a power pack at all,
which instead is supplied as
an external unit, depending
on the destination country.
A simple 12V power socket
is positioned on the receiv-
er’s back panel, and all you
need to do is hook up the
external power pack that
comes with the box, or you
may even use any existing
device as long as it provides
12V DC with a minimum of
2.5A. As our test unit came
without a power pack, we
simply chose the latter op-
tion and used one of our ex-
isting units – which worked
just fine.
They say that first impres-
sions go a long way, and Jiu-
zhou packs all components
of the DTS6695 into a styl-
ish 26cm case featuring six
buttons on the front panel
for operation without a re-
mote control. A CI+ com-
patible card reader is hid-
den behind a flap, as well as
a USB 2.0 interface. A four-
digit segment display and
an LED indicating the op-
erating mode round off the
front panel. The receiver’s
front panel comes in black,
while the case itself is silver
– even though this design
statement may not go down
well with all potential buy-
ers we found that the colour
mix works quite well.
Let’s have a look at the
back panel now, which is
filled to the brim with all
connection options you will
ever need. Apart from the
standard tuner input and
loop-through outputs (for
DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T) you
will of course find a HDMI
output for excellent video
quality, an electrical S/PDIF
output for mind-blowing sur-
round sound, and a network
interface for linking up to a
local LAN. Added to that are
a total of eight RCA jacks for
stereo audio, CVBS and YUV
video, and an S-Video sock-
et, scart euroconnector and
RS 232 interface. In case
you’re wondering about the
main switch: There is none
on the back panel of the
DTS6695, because with an
external power pack there
is no need for one. The re-
mote control that comes
with the receiver also leaves
a positive impression with
its easy-to-use layout and
great ergonomics.
When you turn on the re-
ceiver for the first time all
you will likely see is a ‘No
channel’ message, which