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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
31. Channel list restriction to favorite lists
32. Channel list restriction to individual satellites
33, 34. SCPC reception via TURKSAT 42° East
line viewing on your PC after
the actual broadcast date.
Using HbbTV, receivers like
the DTS6695 can now ac-
cess these offerings direct-
ly on the TV, so you don’t
need your PC monitor any
longer for watching TV. All
you need for it to work is an
HbbTV compatible receiver
like the Jiuzhou DTS6695
and an Internet connection
with a bandwidth of at least
2 Mb/s. Of course we tried
out the HbbTV feature and
found that it works flawless-
ly. We particularly enjoyed
various content libraries and
at the same time stayed up
to date with the latest news
and weather reports.
The new Jiuzhou DTS6695
has left a lasting impression
with us and proves yet again
that Jiuzhou is one of the
most innovative companies
in the satellite business. Its
latest offspring boasts top-
quality workmanship and
worked flawlessly through-
out our test. In addition,
the manufacturer never
stops improving the soft-
ware (which can be updated
either with a USB stick or
via satellite) so that you can
expect additional features
every now and then.
What’s even more impor-
tant, any potential software
bugs can easily be solved as
quickly as possible.