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251 —
12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
Benni in his control room. From here
he runs his BSD website “Brasil Sat
Digital” with his direct collaborators
Danilo (Webmaster), Valdecir, Crispim,
André, Gilson and Richard. More than
10 indirect collaborators update daily
the technical data.
there’s more to his home than just the
satellite dishes on the outside; he also
has an entire room in his house that is a
fully functional audio studio. From here
he operates his own Internet radio sta-
tion that can be heard around the world
at and is also
transmitted via satellite on via some
brasilian cable networks. Since he was
a radio announcer for many years, he is
quite familiar with jingles and announc-
ing so that his program comes across
as being very professional.
But his radio station is just a hobby
for him. “I love this music and with my
own radio station I have fulfilled my
dream. But it’s not financially profit-
able”, admits Benni. He worked for
many years as an announcer at the lo-
cal radio station; he produced jungles
and read off ads on the air. He earned
good money and founded his own pro-
duction company with some partners.
In 2010, however, he burned himself
out and decided to turn his live around.
He handed over control of his company
to his partners and only occasionally
jumps in as a spokesman. As he sees
it, his main job now is to promote his
“In the year 2000 I became really
interested in satellite reception”, re-
members Benni. “Back then I already
had a satellite system with a 2.85-me-
ter diameter dish that I used to receive
popular Brazilian TV channels.” The
changeover from plain TV viewer to TV
hobbyist came when he read a report
covering digitalization and at the same
time stumbled on a group of satellite
enthusiasts that called themselves
“Brasilsat Digital” and is still active to-
day as an Internet discussion group.
“I learned quite a lot from them and
became very fascinated with satellite
reception.” Benni realized that, “back
then there were no websites that gave
you information on satellites, TV chan-
nels and reception equipment for Bra-
That led to the start of his own web-
site. “In the meantime we have grown
dramatically. There are 15,000 mem-
bers in our forum; our information da-
tabases are constantly being kept up
to date by roughly 10 helping hands.”
An important component of his website
is the answers provided to technical
questions. “Our members answer tech-
nical questions quickly and as detailed
as possible”, says Benni referring to
the users of his website.
Over the years Benni has built up
some good contacts with Brazilian sat-
ellite dealers. “Many of these companies
have banner ads with us and this gives
us the means to continue to expand our
website.” Benni has a dream to start
his own IPTV channel that would deal
with the subject of digital technology.
“We have already produced the first set
of videos, for example, marking the oc-
casion of digital TV trade shows here
in Sao Paulo.” If you visit the website you can view
the videos. “Our work places great em-
phasis on providing digital technology
information to installers and we are
planning a ‘Distance Learning’ series.
The most important elements of digital
TV technology would be presented in
short videos.”
Benni has a lot of plans. His activi-
ties always revolve around the subject
of digital TV. He gets closer to his goal
with every passing day: “This will be
the headquarters for audio and video
technology information.” It’s an ambi-
tious goal and Benni is always a step
closer to it with the help of his friends.