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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
The new Cologne
Center in Germany
Achim Pauly is the head of Communication & Marketing at CBC. Here
he is seen right at the heart of CBC, overlooking the inner courtyard of
the former exhibition halls on the Rhine river.
CBC has recently launched one the most modern broadcasting
centers worldwide. It goes without saying that such a major pro-
ject was not put into operation over night, but rather was a step-
by-step process spanning several months. “In mid-2010 the first
production units were able to move to the new center,” we learn
from Achim Pauly, head of Communication & Marketing at CBC.
Today, all companies and networks of German media enter-
prise RTL Deutschland operate from the new CBC, which is lo-
cated in premises directly on the banks of the Rhine river. What
formerly used to be exhibition halls has turned into a top-notch
and one of the leading media and broadcasting centers in the
world, even though you’d be hard pressed to notice that right
away, with historic facades meticulously preserved.
Within the RTL media group CBC is in charge of production,
post-production, technology, IT and content distribution. CBC
Uplink Provider