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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
Combo Receiver
Jiuzhou Combo PVR DTS6695
Top-notch receiver for the
whole family
A single box for DVB-S/S2
and DVB-T reception
Jiuzhou’s combo receiver
DTS6695 is so new it arrived
at the TELE-satellite edito-
rial office in a blank white
box devoid of any logo or
When we opened the box
we were in for another sur-
prise: Well aware of its in-
creasingly prominent posi-
tion as global supplier of
top-notch receivers, Jiuzhou
has made a smart move to-
wards being compatible with
all sorts of power supplies
and mains sockets – the re-
ceiver itself comes without
a power pack at all, which
instead is supplied as an
external unit, depending on
the destination country. A
simple 12V power socket is
positioned on the receiver’s
back panel, and all you need
to do is hook up the exter-
nal power pack that comes
with the box, or you may
even use any existing de-
vice as long as it provides
12V DC with a minimum of
2.5A. As our test unit came
without a power pack, we
simply chose the latter op-
tion and used one of our ex-
isting units – which worked
just fine.
They say that first impres-
sions go a long way, and Jiu-
zhou packs all components
of the DTS6695 into a stylish
26cm case featuring six but-
tons on the front panel for
operation without a remote
control. A CI+ compatible
card reader is hidden behind
a flap, as well as a USB 2.0
interface. A four-digit seg-
ment display and an LED in-
dicating the operating mode
round off the front panel.
The receiver’s front panel
comes in black, while the
case itself is silver – even
though this design state-
ment may not go down well
with all potential buyers we
found that the colour mix
works quite well.
Let’s have a look at the
back panel now, which is
filled to the brim with all
connection options you will
ever need. Apart from the
standard tuner input and
loop-through outputs (for
DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T) you
will of course find a HDMI
output for excellent video
quality, an electrical S/PDIF