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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
one day he realized that the anten-
nas and cable plus whatever else he
needed could be acquired less expen-
sively at wholesalers in Budapest. The
breakthrough came when he began
reselling these cheaper components to
antenna installers where he lived.
In 2002 he decided to immerse him-
self completely in this new job as a
dealer and founded P-SAT as a Limited
company (Kft in Hungarian). Since he
purchased his antenna components as
before from wholesalers in Budapest,
he opened a small office there in 2003:
“It was only 20 square meters in size”,
says Tibor Posta, “and had a secre-
But then, of course, the next logical
step came: why buy your components
from other wholesalers when you can
buy them directly from the manufac-
turers? P-SAT converted into a whole-
saler that ultimately became so strong
that Tibor Posta brought two addi-
tional partners into his company that
are also involved in the satellite field
in Hungary. “The two partners have a
49% stake in the company; with 51%
share I hold the majority stake”, he re-
veals regarding the ownership stake in
Parallel to all of these activities, Ti-
bor Posta also took command of the
Internet: “In 1996 I started my web-
site and in 1999 a web shop was added
to it. In 2000 I started”, com-
ments Tibor Posta. The latter is today
one of the most well-known digital TV
web communities in Hungary. This
takes us to the subject of marketing
and the winning of customers. To be-
come known, Tibor Posta from the be-
ginning on has relied on the media. “I
write quite a few articles myself”, he
says, “and especially in the beginning
I sent many articles to local newspa-
pers.” That’s how his small company
became bigger and bigger: “At some
point there was a local satellite maga-
zine in which I regularly placed ads.
I even put ads in Hungarian TV pro-
gramming magazines.”
So far so good, but times had
changed. “That Hungarian satellite
magazine doesn’t exist anymore and
there is no longer any source of spe-
cialized information for the local mar-
ket outside of the Internet”, he con-
tinued. His solution? Publish his own
customer magazine. “That started in
2009: the first three issues were pub-
lished for our professional customers
under the name”, he remem-
bers. “As I was preparing the fourth
issue, the idea came to me to change
the target group of my magazine from
dealers to end-users.” And so, in Octo-
ber of 2010 the first issue of „Tévésről
Egyszerűen Magazin“ (Simple TV Re-
ception Magazine) appeared. It con-
sisted of 32 pages that explained in
layman’s terms the technology behind
TV reception. The magazine is put to-
gether professionally and naturally
has product write-ups from only those
manufacturers that are part of P-SAT’s
“We print 5000 issues and ship the
magazine to end-users as well as to our
roughly 200 professional customers,
that is, small dealers and installers.”
The magazine is free for end-users;
dealers pay a small fee to cover some
of the expenses. “In return, they can
put their own stamp on the back; this
brings customers directly to them”, he
adds. But that’s not all: “In 2011 we
began offering our website as a fran-
Receptionist Lilla
Nagy greets everyone
in a friendly manner