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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
Active and full
of ideas:
A successful climb
Tibor Posta is founder and majority owner of P-SAT. Anything and
everything an antenna installer would need, including fiber optic LNBs
from GlobalInvacom, can be found in his shop.
Anyone, whether it’s a manufacturer
or a dealer, who has something to sell
has the same problem: how do you
win new customers? What good is the
best product if no one knows about it?
What use are all those sensational of-
fers if no one is aware of them? How
do you make your potential customers
notice your products? Every success-
ful manufacturer and every success-
ful dealer managed to find their own
solution. A wholesaler that came up
with an especially interesting solution
to this problem is P-SAT in Hun-
gary. The founder and operator of
this company, Tibor Posta, gave us
some insight into how he solved the
problem of winning new customers.
But first we wanted to learn more
about Posta’s Company P-SAT. Obvi-
ously, the “P” in P-SAT stands for his
name Posta. “The company P-SAT Kft
was founded in 2002”, explains Tibor
Posta. Before that time he was an an-
tenna installer. “In 1991 I started out
erecting TV antennas”, he remembers,
“This was at the same time when Hun-
gary started their second TV chan-
nel via UHF.” His first customer was
his parents. And then it happened as
it usually does: friends and relatives
would call and Tibor Posta ended up
with more and more work to do. Back
then he lived in eastern Hungary and
Wholesaler and Shop P-SAT, Hungary