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Nurullah Kaki is Ugur Kaki’s younger
brother. They are both owner/operators of
INPA Electronik with their own INPAX brand
name. Nurullah Kaki is here in his modern
office showing us the test report of the
INPAX X-9100 receiver that appeared in the
06-07/2011 issue of TELE-satellite.
Two brothers founded INPA in 2001.
Ugur Kaki is the older brother and over-
sees their worldwide expansion from
the INPA office in Shenzhen, China. His
younger brother Nurullah Kaki keeps
track of business in the local Turkish
market from the company’s headquar-
ters in Istanbul. There, in Istanbul’s
Karaköy quarter, known throughout the
country as the central location where
companies manufacture technical prod-
ucts, we met up with Nurullah Kaki.
In INPA’s super modern office, he ex-
plains to us the origination of the name
INPA: “It’s a form of an abbreviation of
the Turkish term ‘International Pazar-
lama’, which essentially means interna-
tional marketing.” When he was asked
what brand name should be used for the
international market, the two brothers
simply added an “X” to the end of the
company name; and just like that, the
brand name INPAX was born.
“Back in 2001 we started by importing
multiswitches from China”, remembers
Nurullah Kaki from the company’s early
days that he and his brother plus three
employees put a lot of work into. “We
were a wholesaler for these multiswitch-
es and sold these products to dealers in
Turkey.” Sales in their first year weren’t
bad for a newly founded company: “It
was around US$ 500,000.”
LNBs and splitters came later on and
in 2006 the young company attempted
expansion abroad. At first it was the
neighboring countries such as Greece
but France and Germany were also ini-
tial export markets for INPA. It all be-
came really interesting in 2007 when
the first “homemade” satellite receiver
was introduced. “It was the X-2007 FTA
of which we managed to sell 40,000
pieces in the first year.” This box found
great appeal in the Middle Eastern coun-
In the meantime, INPA developed 14
different receiver models for satellite
reception and another eight models for
terrestrial reception. “In 2011 produc-
tion increased to 400,000 and for 2012
we are expecting a further increase to
about 550,000 units”, predicts Nurullah
Just like with every other receiver
INPA Conquers the
Global Market with
Their Own Brand Name
From Multiswitches
to Digital Receivers
Receiver and Multiswitch Manufacturer INPA, Turkey