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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
Software can play it back
in an endless line; even
individual portions of the
stream can be replayed.
As a professional unit,
the DTU-215 can also mod-
ify the transport stream in
ways that a user with nor-
mal TV reception would
never want: it can artifi-
cially introduce errors. In
this way the Stream Player
Software can simulate the
loss of data packets, bit er-
rors as well as entire byte
errors in amounts and fre-
quencies that are user-se-
This is an outstanding
feature in that it allows you
to thoroughly test the input
sensitivity and error cor-
rection capability of a re-
The DTU-215 also lets
you adjust the signal level
between -46 and -15 dBm
with QAM and between -49
and -18 dBm with OFDM.
By looking at the screen-
shots that came with this
test report, you can clearly
see how the signal curve
changes in the spectrum of
our signal analyzer.
Even the simulation of a
1. The Stream Player’s main window
2. Detailed information can be
displayed for every PID in the
transponder stream
3. Frequency selection in ISDB-T
4. Using the Channel Simulator
function an AWGN signal can be
created; even the transmission of
the signal can be simulated over
multiple stations
5. Through a total of six stations
the signal can be individually
adjusted for attenuation and delay
6. Various additional options in
DVB-T/H mode