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129 —
12-01/2012 —
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
which are transmitted to in-
dividual levels of a build-
ing, for example. There the
light beams are split once
more until each apartment
receives a dedicated beam.
Even within each apartment
it’s possible to hook up as
many receivers as you like,
since each beam of light
carries the satellite’s entire
frequency spectrum at any
given time.
Contrary to coax-based
distribution it is perfectly
feasible with GlobalInva-
com’s optical technology
to use a twin-tuner PVR in
the living room, a receiver
in your child’s room and a
box in the master bedroom
at the same time, without
any restriction or interfer-
ence whatsoever. Try the
same with coax cables and
you’d need four separate
lines from the multi-switch
to your apartment alone.
The potential of this new
optical distribution technol-
ogy is clear to see for eve-
ryone. Not only does it take
an awful lot of effort and
trouble off any professional
installer’s shoulder, it also
offers new possibilities to
private users. What’s more,
a fibre optic cable is capable
of transmitting much more
than the entire frequency
spectrum of a satellite. Ter-
restrial TV and radio can be
fed into the system without
much ado and if you want
do provide high-speed Inter-
net access throughout your
home or set up a network
connection between various
devices then you can use the
same fibre optic cable for
those purposes as well.
It’s no wonder then that
GlobalInvacom was able to
convince the professional
satellite world in a breeze
with its optical LNB tech-
nology, and with the newly
launched installation ac-
cessories the company will
make installation and main-
tenance even easier.
Connecting plugs,
terminating plugs
and attenuators
Compared with coax ca-
bles it takes a lot more ef-
fort to attach plugs to a fibre
optic cable and in most cases
it makes sense to obtain pre-
assembled cables which are
available from GlobalInva-
com in various lengths.
If you need to connect two
or more of these pre-assem-
bled cables there are easy-
to-use connecting plugs
which will create almost any
desired cable length. After
all, it’s in anybody’s interest
to buy only the exact cable
length that is required in or-
der to avoid valuable surplus
Even though signal attenu-
ation does not play a role in
most fibre optic distribution
systems, it may still require
attention in large-scale pro-
jects with a very complex
distribution layout. If you
need attenuation of signals
transmitted via fibre optic
cables GlobalInvacom offers
intermediate plugs with fibre
optic connection for signal
attenuations of 5 dB or 10
dB at the termination point.
In addition, GlobalInva-
com’s product range also
features terminating plugs
that are attached either to a
presently unused signal out-
put in an optical distribution
network or directly to an un-
used fibre optic cable which
is correctly terminated this
GI Microscope
Fibre X400
A microscope for optical
The Fibre X400 Microscope
is designed to assist with a
trouble free fibre installation.
A high powered lens and white
LED, for cable illumination,
allows the user to identify
scratches and contamination
quickly and easily avoiding
costly time wasting.