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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
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Satellite Meter
WS International is a
company that was founded
back in April of 2001. They
are a global wholesale dis-
tributor of FTA satellite re-
ceivers and related satellite
equipment (LNBs, satellite
meters, antennas, motors,
etc.). They have offices in
Marietta, Georgia (outside
of Atlanta) and Pacoima,
California (near Los An-
geles) and distribute their
products around the world.
WS International markets
their satellite receivers and
satellite meters under their
own Lexium brand name.
The Lexium product line has
had quite a bit of success
over the past several years
and WS International is al-
ways working to add new
and better products to their
product line.
In keeping with that phi-
losophy, WS International
has recently introduced a
new digital satellite meter
to their line of Lexium prod-
ucts. The new FastAlign
7100 Pro professional satel-
lite meter boasts the latest
technology in the industry
and is highlighted by the
new AutoFind and Quick-
Sweep features. Naturally,
we were very interested in
finding out more about this
new meter. WS Interna-
tional was kind enough to
send us a sample so that we
could take a closer look at
the new FastAlign 7100 Pro
and find out exactly what it
has to offer.
The Lexium FastAlign
7100 Pro comes packaged
in a bright blue colored box.
When you open the box it’s
easy to see that great care
was taken in protecting the
signal meter in the pack-
age. The meter as well as
the accessories are each
surrounded individually by
Styrofoam to provide the
ultimate protection. Even
the eight Ni-HM 2700 mAh
rechargeable batteries are
in their own Styrofoam
compartment. The package
includes the FastAlign 7100
Pro signal meter as well as
a 16 VDC power supply, the
eight rechargeable batter-
ies, a blue colored carry-
ing case, a handy shoulder
strap and a 34-page Eng-
lish language user manual.
240V AC chargers in addi-
tion to spare AA recharge-
able batteries and spare
110V AC chargers are avail-
able for purchase from WS
International or their local
distributor in Europe & Af-
The signal meter it-
self can easily be held in
one hand and is 149x97x-
60mm in size. It comes in
a black housing and sports
a 23x97mm LCD display on
the front panel. A set of four
blue-colored function but-
tons along with a single sta-
tus LED can also be found
on the front panel. There’s
also a small speaker on the
left side of the front panel.
On the rear panel you’ll find
the LNB “F” input connector