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Distributor (North America)
WS International, Atlanta, Georgia and
Los Angeles, California, USA
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FastAlign 7100 Pro Digital Satellite Meter
Frequency Range
950 to 2150 MHz
Signal Level
-65dBm to -25dBm
DiSEqC Compatible
yes, 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2
LNB Supply
13/18V, 500mA max
LNB Switch Control
22 KHz
Signal Input
“F” type with looped-through output
USB Interface
Power Source
Eight 1.2VDC 2700mAh NiMH rechargeable batteries
Battery Charger
120V/60Hz input; 16VDC/750mA output
0.645Kg (1 Lb 7 Oz)
Ron Roessel
Test Center
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
The Lexium FastAlign 7100 Pro satellite meter
is an excellent dish antenna installation tool.
It’s a handheld device that instantly identifies
the name of a satellite that the antenna is poin-
ting to and also displays a signal quality bar
graph for quick and easy antenna fine tuning
adjustments. It runs for hours on a single
charge and can be used day or night thanks to
its backlit display.
It has room for only 27 preprogrammed satellites. If you want
to enter a new satellite, you must edit an existing satellite
memory location. There’s also no car charger included in the
Expert Opinion
enough. Before you know it,
you’ve turned the antenna
past the ABS1 satellite at
75° east.
But that’s not the case
with the Lexium FastAlign
7100 Pro! We started slowly
turning our antenna from
60° east and after only a few
seconds the green LED on
the front panel of the Lexi-
um meter lit up announcing
that we had found the ABS1
bird at 75° east! The Lexium
also had no trouble locking
on to the EXPRESS AM22 at
53° east; it recognized this
satellite instantly and fully
But we weren’t finished;
the meter now had to prove
itself on the popular DTH
satellites ASTRA 19.2°
east, HOTBIRD 13° east as
well as ASTRA2 28.2° east.
Since these satellites were
not preprogrammed into
the meter by the manufac-
turer (the European version
of the FastAlign 7100 Pro
would undoubtedly include
these satellites), we had
to manually program them
into the Lexium. This task
was actually accomplished
quickly and easily thanks
to its simple and logical
operation; the four front-
panel function buttons also
In just about two minutes
the Lexium meter became
an indispensable aid for Eu-
ropean users. We were now
able to quickly align our
multi-focus antenna pre-
cisely and effortlessly to the
ASTRA 19.2° east, ASTRA2
28.2° east and HOTBIRD
13° east satellites.
We here in the TELE-sat-
ellite test center in Austria
actually enjoyed checking
out the Lexium FastAlign
7100 Pro and we can’t wait
to see the European version
of this signal meter.