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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
(F1) is then used to select the
desired menu that you want
to work with.
We decided to start with
the Additional Functions
menu. From this menu you
can choose to edit the pa-
rameters of the satellites
stored in the meter’s memory
or modify the settings of the
meter. The FastAlign 7100 Pro
comes preloaded from the
factory with only 27 satellites
that include many of the more
popular American satellites as
well as a few Asian satellites.
However, soon regionalized
lists will be available from the
manufacturer’s website www. covering
the popular satellites in Eu-
rope, Asia, Middle East and
If the satellite you want to
align your antenna to is not
in the list, you simply need to
edit one of the existing entries
using the front panel function
buttons to add the satellite
you need. This is done in the
Editor menu inside the Addi-
tional Functions menu. Once
you are in the Editor menu,
you can among other things
change the satellite name,
edit transponder data, select
the correct LNB LOF frequen-
cy (OFF, Universal, 10750,
5150, 5750, 10600, 9750 and
11300), set up any necessary
DiSEqC protocols (1.0 and 1.1
can be set up here; there‘s
a separate menu section for
setting up DiSEqC 1.2), enter
in the orbital position of the
satellite as well as turn the
Auto Search feature on or off.
The USB port on the back of
the meter lets you link the me-
ter with a laptop or a PC. This
link will allow you to perform
these editing functions on
your laptop or PC with loader
software available from the
manufacturer at www.LEXI- or www.wsidigi- The software allows