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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 12-01/2012
New Satellite Meter
WS International is a com-
pany that was founded back
in April of 2001. They are a
global wholesale distributor
of FTA satellite receivers and
related satellite equipment
(LNBs, satellite meters, an-
tennas, motors, etc.). They
have offices in Marietta, Geor-
gia (outside of Atlanta) and
Pacoima, California (near Los
Angeles) and distribute their
products around the world.
WS International markets
their satellite receivers and
satellite meters under their
own Lexium brand name. The
Lexium product line has had
quite a bit of success over the
past several years and WS In-
ternational is always working
to add new and better prod-
ucts to their product line.
In keeping with that phi-
losophy, WS International
has recently introduced a
new digital satellite meter to
their line of Lexium products.
The new FastAlign 7100 Pro
professional satellite meter
boasts the latest technology
in the industry and is high-
lighted by the new AutoFind
and QuickSweep features.
Naturally, we were very in-
terested in finding out more
about this new meter. WS In-
ternational was kind enough
to send us a sample so that
we could take a closer look at
the new FastAlign 7100 Pro
and find out exactly what it
has to offer.
The Lexium FastAlign 7100
Pro comes packaged in a
bright blue colored box. When
you open the box it’s easy to
see that great care was taken
in protecting the signal meter
in the package. The meter as
well as the accessories are
each surrounded individu-
ally by Styrofoam to provide
the ultimate protection. Even
the eight Ni-HM 2700 mAh
rechargeable batteries are
in their own Styrofoam com-
partment. The package in-
cludes the FastAlign 7100
Pro signal meter as well as
a 16 VDC power supply, the
eight rechargeable batteries,
a blue colored carrying case,
a handy shoulder strap and
a 34-page English language
user manual. 240V AC char-
gers in addition to spare AA
rechargeable batteries and
TEST REPORT Satellite Meter