TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
IETF (Internet Engineering
Taskforce) developed net-
work protocols that can be
used to monitor and remote-
ly control network devices
from a central location via
LAN. Since the SNMP doesn’t
define its own values - those
that it could get from the at-
tached devices – it is univer-
sally applicable and through
so-called Management In-
formation Bases (MIB) it can
be individually matched to
the control/monitoring de-
vices. This database, that in
the form of an MIB file must
be made available by the
manufacturer, contains all
the necessary parameters
that an SNMP client would
need for successful com-
munication with the network
Naturally, DekTec has this
database available for its us-
ers via download so that ev-
ery desired SNMP client can
be used to control the DTE-
We opted to download
and use the free iReason-
ing MIB browser that, as
we expected, was able to
work perfectly together with
the DTE-3137 thanks to the
MIB data made available by
Since developing our own
control software using the
DTAPI C++ library provided
by DekTec would have been
an extremely complex un-
dertaking, we decided for
the purposes of this test re-
port to use the StreamXpert
tool from DekTec. This tool
is available on the USB stick
that accompanies the DTE-
When StreamXpert is
started, it automatically rec-
ognizes (in DTAPI mode) the
DTE-3137 receiver in the lo-
cal network and instantly
creates a link between the
two. According to DekTec,
the PC hardware require-
ments for the StreamXpert
tool are as follows: Windows
XP, Windows 2003, Vista or
Windows 7 operating system
with a minimum of a Pen-
tium 4 processor (1.7 GHz)
for decoding SD transport
streams or an Intel Core 2
or Intel Core i7 for decoding
HD transport streams.
The main window of
StreamXpert is divided into
three sections. The two
larger sections in the middle
of the screen provide infor-
mation on the currently re-
ceived transport stream and
the corresponding PID struc-
ture while the bar at the bot-
tom provides valuable sta-
tus information to the user.
StreamXpert is so clearly
and intuitively programmed
that there’s almost no need
to reference the user manu-
al included on the USB stick.
If you have just a little bit
of understanding of what