TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
Even the minimum and maximum
bandwidth used by a broadcaster can be
StreamXpert can display PID values in
decimal or hexadecimal format
The displayed video image can be
adjusted for resolution and brightness
PAT, CAT and PMT of the TRT HD
transponders on TURKSAT 42° east
own tool called the DekTec
StreamXpert on the PC. This
tool can be downloaded from
DekTec’s website. In this
mode the web interface only
serves as a status control;
you cannot go through any
settings here.
Since the DTE-3137 is a
professional piece of equip-
ment, the StreamXpert soft-
ware would be sufficient for
most users although there
are many applications that
cannot be covered or cannot
satisfy the requirements of
the customers. For this rea-
son a complete C++ library
was made available to cus-
tomers so that they could
program their own DTE-3137
control software exactly the
way they want it. What a
great idea!
The second mode is
named SMPTE and opens for
the user the full control and
settings capabilities of the
DTE-3137 via the integrated
web server and the SNMP
interface. With the Simple
Network Management Pro-
tocol it involves one of the
cluding Linux systems.
The DTE-3137’s web in-
terface is very nicely orga-
nized; experienced users
will instantly spot the Appli-
cation Switcher. It makes it
possible to control the DTE-
two different ways. In
DTAPI mode the receiver
is fully controlled by its