1 -12/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
StreamXpert in DTAPI Modus
Display of a transport stream that was received via
Multicast in UDP format
Live playback of an HD stream
All stream parameters such as NIT are displayed
The data rate of every TV and radio channel is displayed
TRT transponder on TURKSAT 42° east
software to operate the DTE-
The same documents
and software are also avail-
able from DekTec’s web-
) and
since the manufacturer is
always working on improve-
ments, it pays to have a look
at their website to make sure
the most current version of
software is being used.
As the DTE-3137 is first
unpacked, you get the feel-
ing that it’ll all be self-ex-
planatory. The available
connections are all perfectly
labeled so you should have
no trouble figuring out which
cable goes to what connec-
tion. It took us no time at
all to connect the DTE-3137
to our test center’s Gigabit
Network, to attach a signal
cable to the satellite IF input
and to connect the included
power supply. The LCD im-
mediately comes to life and
starts providing status in-
formation. No need to worry
about the ‘No Signal’ mes-
sage; the DTE-3137 has not
yet been told what frequen-
cy it should receive.
The take care of this, the
user should look at the low-
est part of the LCD where
the DTE-3137 displays the
IP address that it identi-
fied from the DHCP server
of our LAN. Since there is
no remote control, the only
way to communicate with
and control the DTE-3137 so
that it can be loaded with the
desired settings and param-
eters is via the network.
So we entered the DTE-
s IP address into our
PC’s web browser and before
we could blink the start page
of the integrated web server
appeared on our monitor.
Fortunately, DekTec decid-
ed to do without all forms of
scripts, flash animation and
other bells and whistles so
that you can access the con-
trol functions from truly any
web browser on every pos-
sible operating system, from
a SmartPhone, to a Windows
PC, to a MAC up to and in-