TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
petitor displayed just “LOW”
That’s because the AE120
has an impressive dynamic
range of 68 dB. It can meas-
ure optical power from -43
dBm through to +25 dBm.
Moreover, the Deviser
AE120 was able to measure
power with 0.01 dBm reso-
lution while its competitor
was not able to discriminate
changes smaller than 0.5
The AE120 measurement
uncertainty is merely ±0.17
dB (±3%) which is an impres-
sive figure. Deviser made it
possible to re-calibrate the
meter if the user has access
to laboratory grade equip-
ment. It is possible to switch
the meter to the calibration
mode and enter the correc-
tion if needed. The range
of the possible correction is
from -1 dB to + 1dB. It is de-
scribed in the manual how to
do that. Also this operation
is quite simple to perform.
To sum it up: the AE120
is extremely simple to use
but at the same time very
accurate and stable. It is a
perfect companion for every
installer who deals with to-
day’s modern fiber optic net-