Fujian Baotong Science&Technology Co.,Ltd
Satlink WS-6936
Digital Meter & Receiver for
Input frequency
47 - 862
MHz & 950-2150 MHz
QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
Symbol rates
yes (Toneburst, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3)
5, 6, 7
and 8 MHz
OSD Languages
English, French, German, Portugese, Spanish,
Italian, Czech, Greek
F-Type & IEC
USB Port
Power supply
V AC, 12V DC
x 20.5 x 4.5 cm
mAH Li-Ion
Thomas Haring
Test Center
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
tually the Modulation Error
Rate (MER) and therefore
must not be compared with
the C/N value presented by
our reference meter. Finally,
we tried to align a UHF an-
tenna for DVB-T reception
and once again our verdict
is that you can hardly ac-
complish such a task more
easily and quickly than with
the WS-6936.
Now that the WS-6936
has proven its worth in the
realm of signal measuring,
we were particularly curious
as to how it would perform
in the TV reception field. To
that end, we used an RCA
cable to connect the meter
with the TV panel at first.
The device does not come
with a remote control, but if
you use a cable with suffi-
cient length you can easily
do without. The size of the
meter is so small it can al-
most be mistaken for a re-
mote control anyway.
The WS-6936 can be used
to conveniently access all
required functions and if
you use the power supply
unit of the car charging unit
that is shipped with the me-
ter you’re all set for hours of
viewing pleasure.
Up until some years ago,
MP3 playback and image
viewing had been the do-
mains of stationary PCs.
These days, however, you’d
be hard pressed to find a
receiver without those func-
tions, and the WS-6936 is
no exception. Obviously,
the manufacturer Baotong
wanted to be right up there
with the best and treated its
meter-cum-receiver combi-
nation to an image viewer
and an MP3 jukebox.
Here too, the integrated
AV output comes very handy
for presenting photos on a
flat-screen TV or for play-
ing back audio on the HiFi
system. Content can be fed
to the WS-6936 via the USB
port that is located on the
bottom of the device. Any
storage medium will do, no
matter whether it’s a USB
memory stick or an external
USB harddisk.
There’s another ex-
tra special treat this new
Satlink meter has in store
for its users: It comes with
a TV input that can be used
DVB-S/DVB-T combo receiver and signal
meter as one-stop solution. Low-threshold
and highly precise tuner. LCD display with
excellent readability. High overall build qual-
ity. Easy to use, hence a perfect tool also for
beginners, even though it also features all
functions required by professionals.
HDTV channels cannot be watched.
Expert Opinion
to display video from an ex-
ternal source on the meter’s
screen. Surveillance camera
anybody? Hook it up to the
video input and add another
function to this neat device.
Thanks very much, Baotong!
The firmware of the
Satlink WS-6936 can eas-
ily be updated via an exter-
nal USB storage medium.
Simply download the latest
firmware version from the
Internet, save it onto the
storage medium and attach
the storage medium to the
meter. The same is true for
the factory pre-installed
satellite, transponder and
frequency lists which can
also be updated from the
Internet or copied from the
CD that is shipped with the
meter, and than transferred
to the device via a USB stor-
age medium. This way each
user has access to satellite
data referring to his specific
location. In addition, DVB-T
frequency lists are also tai-
lored to the region in which
the meter-receiver combo is
Everybody in our test
center thoroughly enjoyed
working with the Baotong
Satlink WS-6936. It’s a
smart combination of preci-
sion meter and fully-fledged
DVB-S and DVB-T combo
receiver. Thanks to the inte-
grated multimedia features
it is also possible to show
images and play back MP3
The measurement func-
tions of the WS-6936 are
sophisticated and very pre-
cise. The tuner used by the
manufacturer reacts swiftly
to any signal changes and
thanks to an intuitive and
user-friendly OSD interface
it is possible to use the me-
ter without having to study
the manual for hours. All
this makes the WS-6936 a
genuinely worthwhile alter-
native to many of its much
more expensive peers.