TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
the topside of the casing
Baotong has positioned
the signal inputs for DVB-
S (F-socket) and DVB-T (RF
socket), while the left side
features two connectors for
video output and video in-
Wait a second – a meter
with a signal input? You bet.
Not only can the WS-6936
provide the video signal of
the currently received chan-
nel to an external monitor, it
can also act as a monitor for
an external receiver or sig-
nal source!
On the bottom side you can
find the socket for the exter-
nal power supply unit as well
as a USB port for updating
the meter’s software and for
uploading new satellite and
transponder data. We did
like the fact that the manu-
facturer has even thought of
a mechanical power switch,
which is placed on the lower
left side of the signal meter.
It is required for turning on
and off the device – what a
welcome change from all the
keys and buttons which are
so common these days in
combination with software-
controlled switching.
A total of five LEDs are lo-
cated below the display and
indicate operating mode, 22
kHz signal, control voltage
V), signal lock and
battery charging. This way
all important parameters of
the meter are available to
users at a single glance.
Apart from the keypad
and cross-shaped naviga-
tion buttons there are four
unlabelled function keys for
controlling the WS-6936. As
usual, these function keys
can assume different roles
depending on the operat-
ing mode. The current func-