1 -12/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
feature allows to pause live
TV at any given moment and
to continue from that pre-
cise point at a later stage.
We would also have liked
the option to play back pre-
viously recorded events di-
rectly in DVB-T mode. The
way this receiver is designed
you have to switch to An-
droid mode before you can
do that.
The tuner used by Jiuzhou
for its Android receiver is
compatible with DVB-T and
is capable of processing
HDTV using H.264/MPEG-4.
Since such DVB-T HDTV sig-
nals are not available at our
test location we had to make
use of a clever trick in order
to check out this function:
We took a DVB-T2 frequency
with a few HD channels and
re-modulated those into a
DVB-T signal that was then
fed to the DTP2100.
Putting aside the miss-
ing labelling on the remote
control, the entire DVB-T
tion on the current and next
When looking at the re-
mote control, there is no
dedicated button for EPG or
calling up the info bar, and
this is where our previous
criticism regarding the re-
mote control comes into play
As a matter of fact, both
an electronic program guide
and an info bar are of course
implemented in the soft-
ware, there just aren’t the
corresponding keys on the
remote. You have to know
and remember) that you
need to press the red or yel-
low function key to access
these features. The same is
true for teletext, which is ac-
tivated with the green func-
tion key.
For reasons of simplicity,
Jiuzhou has opted not to la-
bel the remote control for
the DVB-T mode, since the
keys assume different roles
in Android mode.
As far as language selec-
tion and subtitles are con-
cerned, Jiuzhou walks along
a more conventional path: A
key labelled Track will take
care of these adjustments.
Since no dedicated but-
ton for the favourites lists is
available, the manufacturer
has found a very neat way of
implementing this function.
With the channel list opened
on screen you only need to
press the yellow function
key to call up all available fa-
vourites lists. You then sim-
ply select your desired list(s)
in order to make them avail-
able in the standard channel
list layout. Using the Left/
Right keys on the remote
then brings you right to your
Obviously, the DTP2100
can easily be turned into a
fully-fledged PVR receiver
simply by attaching an ex-
ternal USB storage medi-
um. It is possible to watch
a second channel while one
channel is being recorded,
provided both channels are
transmitted on the same fre-
Two simultaneous record-
ings, however, are not pos-
sible. The built-in timeshift
HD videos? No problem for
the DTP2100.
Videos downloaded from
the Internet can also be played
back without a glitch.
One of the high points
of the DTP2100 is the MP3
jukebox, which even shows
album covers.
MP3 playback.
The DTP2100 image viewer
at work.
This picture was never
saved on our test receiver,
but was loaded from Google
Thanks to its fully-fledged
web browser the receiver
becomes a neat everyday tool.
Access to YouTube videos.
You can search for videos
directly on the receiver.
Music videos receive a
special icon, making it easy for
them stand out from the crowd.
The YouTube app
comes with comprehensive
configuration options.
Thank to the Android
operating system the receiver
can be freely customised.
If the image shown has a
different aspect ratio than the
TV panel, this can be rectified
thanks to a dedicated menu
Apps can easily be updated,
moved or deleted.
The receiver can be used
for all sorts of external storage
media, no matter whether it’s a
USB HDD, USB stick or memory