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— 1 -12/2012
these internal studio tours.
Two factors came together when
ESPN came into being. The first was the
newly founded cable networks, such as
the one started by cable operator ‘Unit-
ed Cable’ in Connecticut. The new tech-
nology back then allowed for the first
time numerous channels to be carried
and just like with cable operators els-
where, ‘United Cable’ also offered pub-
lic access channels. These are chan-
nels that are made available to citizens
and enthusiasts to transmit there own
programs for free. BTW: When he was
younger, Scott Greczkowski, founder of
the “SatelliteGuys.com” forum, was a
studio technician for the ‘United Cable’s
public access channel.
The second factor that spurned ESPN
were two sports enthusiasts, Ed Eagan
and Bill Rasmussen. They used the op-
Scott Greczkowski
from SatelliteGuys.com
in the ESPN News sports
anchor’s spot. In his youth
Scott witnessed the early
beginnings of ESPN
Bristol is proud to be the
home of ESPN