TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
find receivers, media players
and game consoles next to or
under the TV, it won’t be long
before just one single receiver
is all that would be needed.
An interesting market is ho-
tels that in the future would
be able to offer more than just
PayTV. Desirable would be real
Android based devices with ac-
cess to hotel information, In-
ternet and a multitude of me-
dia formats. This could all be
implemented cost-effectively
with the HI3716C. IPTV receiv-
ers with the HI3716C would
greatly increase the range of
services offered by providers
and at the same time blend
in information and advertising
spots that would help finance
the entire package.
So now we sit and wait for
the first receivers to come
out that are fitted with the
HI3716C chip from HISILICON!
1. 4.
Simple GUI for all
multimedia activities? Can be
2. …
while the DVB-S2 tuner
keeps playing!
All you could ever dream of:
Internet, multimedia, games
console, receiver – all in one
single device.