1 -12/2012
TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
DVB-T Android Receiver
Google’s Extremely Capable
Android Operating System Enters
the World of Digital TV Reception
Android by Google is eve-
rywhere. Looking for a
smartphone, tablet or media
player? Chances are your de-
vice is run by Android.
The small green robot that
is the Android logo adorns
an ever increasing range of
electronic equipment these
days, and it’s easy to see
why: First and foremost,
Android is a sophisticated
and reliable operating sys-
tem, which comes with its
own Google Play platform.
We’re talking about a clearly
structured marketplace here
that offers millions of apps
for download in order to add
features and functions to the
Android OS.
At TELE-satellite we’ve
been expecting Android to
enter the market for satel-
lite, cable and terrestrial re-
ceivers sooner or later, and
now the time has come: The
first Android-based DVB-T
receiver by Jiuzhou has ar-
rived at our test center.
This new receiver is de-
signed to impress – both
inside and outside. As soon
as you open the packag-
ing you’ll discover a device
that does not only rely on
its smart appearance. With
its white colour the DVB-T
receiver seems to suggest:
Hey, you might think I’m
just another set-top box, but
in actual fact I’m a lifestyle
Cutting-edge receiver thanks
to Android operating system