TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 1 -12/2012
on the LookeeTV box, this
low quality wasn’t all that
noticeable on such a small
screen, however, trying to
watch MSNBC on a 42” moni-
tor was no fun at all.
Actual printed photo-
graphs are no longer the
norm today. It should come
as no surprise that the Loo-
keeTV box comes with a pic-
ture viewer that can display
any pictures stored on an
SD card or in the internal
memory on the integrated
TFT monitor or on an exter-
nal TV.
The images can be shown
full-screen if desired. While
viewing pictures, they can be
zoomed in on, zoomed out
from, rotated or shown in
slide show format. Thanks to
The iPhone App PlugPlayer can control the LookeeTV box via a
network and transfer content to it
Without any kind of configuration, the LookeeTV box is instantly
Access to the media on the box
It doesn’t matter if it’s videos, pictures or music, you have
complete access to the box via PlugPlayer
Content can be played back directly on an iPhone
IContent can also be sent from the iPhone to the LookeeTV box
the UPnP interface, the user
can even show pictures that
are stored on a PC through
the LookeeTV box on a TV.
This all worked perfectly in
our tests.
The FM antenna jack locat-
ed alongside the other con-
nections on the LookeeTV
box can also be used as
an input for external audio
sources such as from an MP3
player, discman, etc., the
audio would then be played
back through the internal
speaker in the box.
The FM reception mode
tops it all off; it lets you re-
ceive local over-the-air FM
radio stations. Once the
antenna is connected, an
automatic scan can be per-
formed after which all of the
available FM radio stations
within range will be shown
in a list. Unwanted stations
can quickly be deleted leav-
ing only the desired ones in
the list.
It’s a nice little extra fea-
ture since not all of these
stations might be receivable
via the Internet. Despite the
small size of the included
antenna, it had no trouble
in our tests providing inter-
ference-free reception of our
local FM radio stations.