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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
4. Depending on the WebTV
broadcaster, the picture
quality is average to very
good; there’s nothing to object
to here
5. The individual WebTV
stations can be edited directly
from the receiver
6. New WebTV stations can be
added with the push of just
one button
7. Regardless of whether it’s
music, movies, sports or adult-
oriented content, Web-TV has
something for everyone
8. Currently, there’s no
standard channel list for
WebTV available from Fulan,
this will change in the future
9. Technical details of an
HD stream via WebTV. The
resolution is 720p while
the signal is transmitted in
10. An XML file with about two
dozen WebTV channels
essary reception hardware
to the end-user.
The absolute best part
about WebTV is that so
much content is available
free of charge while IPTV
is not free because of the
costs incurred by the pro-
viders for infrastructure
Let’s get back to the digi-
tal receiver with the Spark
software: when you turn on
the WebTV function for the
first time, you’ll be greeted
with a blank screen with-
out any programming en-
tries. Fulan is planning to
offer a standard channel
list with a number of inter-
esting entries, but, unfor-
tunately, this feature was
not yet available on our test
sample. While it is relatively
easy with satellite or cable
reception to set up a fre-
vironment, can expect and
demand the proper content
quality, WebTV providers
are not at risk in this regard.
Instead of setting up and
using their own IP broad-
casting networks, they opt
to utilize the freely available
Internet and pass on the
problems of transmission
speed, service availability
and in most cases the nec-