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FastAlign 5110Pro Digital Satellite Meter
Input Frequency Range
950 – 2150 MHz
LNB Power
13V, 18V; 400mA
C/Ku-band Compatible
300 channels (local channel list);
100 channels (user defined list)
2 – 45 Ms/sec
22 kHz Control
USB Interface
Operating Temperature
0 - 40° C
AC Power Supply
Input 100 – 240VAC, 1.6A, 50-60Hz; Output 18.5VDC, 3.5A
142 x 82 x 35mm
1.0 LBS (including battery)
Ron Roessel
Test Center
85 —
09-10/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
that’s not all that much fun
to perform. But thanks to the
built-in QuickRecovery soft-
ware, you don’t have to wor-
ry about any of this. Simply
press the “Recovery” button
to reset the meter back to its
original factory settings. How
great is that?
Earlier we mentioned the
USB port located on the bot-
tom of the meter; this port
allows you to connect the me-
ter to your PC and gives you
the ability to add, delete or
modify the satellite list, tran-
sponder specifications and
22 kHz settings directly from
your PC or laptop. In order to
be able to do this, you’d need
to download the necessary in-
terface software which can be
obtained free of charge by go-
ing to
The LEXIUM FastAlign
5110Pro digital satellite me-
ter is an extremely powerful
signal analyzer wrapped up
in a nice little package. It’s a
lightweight handheld device
that you can easily hold for
longer periods of time without
any fatigue. It comes with nu-
merous useful features that
help make satellite installa-
tions a breeze. It comes with
a pre-installed list of satellites
from all around the world and
yet is smart enough to only
show those satellites that are
visible from your location. It
would make the perfect addi-
tion to any satellite installer’s
Lightweight, easy to use handheld digital
satellite signal meter for precise alignment
of antenna to target satellite. Its QuickSweep
technology takes the worry out of accidentally
passing the target satellite while moving the
antenna in that the meter reacts instantly to
any antenna movements. Its three-digit azi-
muth display allows this meter to be used any-
where in the world.
No DiSEqC protocols; meter must be connected directly to
the LNB without any DiSEqC switches in between. There’s
also no universal setting for the LOF; universal LNBFs can be
used with this meter but the LOFs need to be set up manually.
Expert Opinion
Using the LEXIUM
FastAlign 5110 Pro
in Europe
Thomas Haring
Even though the LEXIUM
FastAlign 5110 Pro is dis-
tributed by US company
WS International the device
comes with all prerequisites
that are needed to use it in
other regions as well. This is
all the more reason for mar-
keting their latest meter on a
global scale. Due to the fact
that the local position has to
be entered when the meter
is first turned on, it is pos-
sible for the device to find
out fully automatically which
satellites are visible at the
current location and which
positions are below the ho-
rizon. Obviously, we were
more than happy to evaluate
the LEXIUM FastAlign 5110
Pro in one of our European
test centers in Austria.
First things first, and so we
entered our coordinates for
Vienna, Austria right after
turning on the LEXIUM Fast-
Align 5110 Pro for the first
time. Hardly had we keyed in
16° East and 48° North that
the FastAlign 5110 Pro called
up a list of pre-programmed
satellite positions ranging
from 58° West to 92.2° East.
This means the device truly
shows all satellites that can
be received at our current
location – at least in theory.
Why do we say in theory?
The fact is that the list of
satellites shows visible satel-
lites, as opposed to receiv-
able beams. For example,
CHINASAT 9 at 92.2° East is
shown as the easternmost
visible orbital position, even
though its beams are sent to
China only and reception in