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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
1. The Toolbox software for the DS2400T meter has a modern look and feel, and offers a
user-friendly structure. Even though the product is shipped with a comprehensive user
manual written in brilliant English you will most probably find out everything you need
to know without it. A number of measurements can be performed directly on the PC in
real time if you connect the DS2400T with the supplied adapter cable. In this example the
selected frequency is measured continuously.
2. The spectrum can be displayed directly on the PC as well. This makes the DS2400T a
perfect fit for remote monitoring of a system thanks to Windows Remote Desktop Protocol.
3. Bar search with digital and analog channels. The audio level of analog channels is
shown in yellow.
4. Tilt measurement: Easy to use and fast – right from the PC. There even is an interpola-
ted line giving an indication of tilt!
The DS2400T shines once again, deliver-
ing excellent ECHO measurements which
are shown as a graphic as well as listed
in a chart which also includes the signal
strength and distance to cell given in km.
Based on this information installers are
able to optimise the alignment of the an-
Spectrum analyzer
Obviously the DS2400T comes with
a spectrum analyzer function as well.
Thanks to the high-resolution TFT dis-
play the spectrum is shown with great
detail, something that is not usually the
case with handheld meters. Frequency
spans can be set in pre-defined steps
of 2.5MHz, 6.25MHz, 12.5MHz, 25MHz
and 62.5MHz or Full Band. These options
alone speak volumes about Deviser’s
target group, namely professional in-
stallers. It’s the small steps that come to
the fore, as they are required to look at
individual carriers of digital transpond-
ers. The vast amount of analysis that is
involved causes the spectrum build-up to
be on the slow side, but it is quite evident
that the DS2400T spectrum analyzer is
not for real-time antenna alignment,
but much rather for detecting even the
slightest interference. We also appreci-
ated the option of freely positioning two
markers anywhere in the spectrum in or-
der to measure the C/N ratio.
Tilt measurement
For this measurement up to eight
channels from the channel list are se-
lected. They are then analysed and the
results are presented as a bar graph.
Among other things, this measurement
can be used to set up antenna amplifiers,
for example, so that all channels are dis-
tributed with the same signal level. We
were truly impressed by the fact that you
can perform a tilt measurement for up to
eight channels with the DS2400T.
Bar search
This is another very popular measure-
ment option that is useful for cable net-
works. Instead of measuring the entire
spectrum only the channels on the chan-
nel list are evaluated and the individu-
al results are shown as a bar graph in