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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
the main switch to turn the meter on and
off, as well as the ZERO button and the
status LED.
We should once again stress that we’re
talking about a professional signal meter
for antenna installers. Deviser is a ma-
jor manufacturer for TV, CATV (analog
TV), and satellite signal meters (for more
information about Deviser please have
a look at the company report in TELE-
11. Tilt measurements are required for the
correct adjustment of signal amplifiers
in cable networks, for example. The aim
is to achieve similar signal levels for all
12. With the DS2400T it is possible to select
up to eight channels of the channel list for
tilt measurement.
13. Bar search: Blue bars indicate digi-
tal channels, green/yellow bars indicate
analog channels, with green showing the
video level and yellow showing the corre-
sponding audio level.
14. Ground loop measurement: Ground
loops are caused within the power grid and
interfere with analog channels. Depending
on the power supply in place the meter can
be set at 50Hz or 60Hz.
15. Result of threshold measurement: All
pre-defined channels are measured and the
result is then presented in a chart. If prefer-
red, a graphic presentation of the result is
possible as well.
16. Measurement of carrier/noise ratio:
Again, this is relevant for analog channels.
The DS2400T even shows the total band-
width of the channels as a useful bonus.
17. Return channel: The spectrum shows
the frequency range from 5MHz to 45MHz
or – if required – 65MHz.
18. Configuration menu with user-friendly
grouping of various parameters.
19. Information about the meter: Note that
the most recent calibration date can also be
called up at any time.
20. Users can set a period of inactivity,
after which the meter automatically swit-
ches off in order to save valuable battery
satellite 06-07/2011), and as soon as you
turn on the DS2400T for the first time
you will notice that this is not a gadget
for amateurs, but a top-notch tool for
pros. It’s ready to use after only a few
seconds, there are no colourful anima-
tions, and loading times are impressively
short. All that pops up on the display is
the model name DS2400T, followed af-
ter a short moment by the main menu.
And what a main menu it is: No less than
twelve different measurement modes
are available, as well as dedicated menus
for configuration and file management.
The sheer number of distinct measure-
ment options leaves no doubt that Devis-
er is very serious about its new DS2400T
To give you an impression of the power
hidden inside this neat device we’ll look
at all twelve modes below:
Signal level/signal strength
The DS2400T makes a difference be-
tween analog and digital signals. For
analog signals the meter shows numer-
ic values for video and audio levels, as
well as bars. The corresponding distance
– commonly referred to as V/A ratio or
video/audio ratio – is also indicated. This
shows that Deviser has professional in-
stallers in mind, many of whom set up
large-scale distribution systems in apart-
ment buildings or hotels and who can see
at a glance whether or not signal levels