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33 —
09-10/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
and only place the picture
frame and IR receiver next to
your flat screen TV. Use it as
you like, the sky’s the limit!
As far as multimedia use is
concerned the AZBox miniMe
will also become your best
mate: It plays back all cur-
rent file formats either from
e-SATA or USB hard disks or
via your local network.
Now the big question that
begs answering is: Which
receiver should you opt for?
Is the AZBox ME the box for
you, or rather the AZBox
You really want an answer
from us? Take both! There
you go. Or better still: One
AZboxME and several AZBox
The average home these
days has more than one
TV: There’s one in the liv-
ing room, the master bed-
room, the children’s rooms
and more often than not the
kitchen as well. And that’s
not even counting the study,
basement, or any other area
in your house or apartment.
TV has become a by-word for
Long gone are the days
when the whole family as-
sembled in front of the telly
to watch one of only three
available channels. With hun-
dreds or thousands of satel-
lite channels available, there
is no way a family would ever
agree on a particular channel
to watch.
What’s more, in this day
and age you want to watch
the beginning of a movie
from the couch in your living
room, and the end from your
bed in the bedroom.
That’s why it does make
sense to own more than one
receiver, and to hook them all
up to your local network.
This is where all the capa-
bilities of the AZBox ME and
the AZBox miniMe come to
the fore.
The ideal set-up would con-
sist of an AZBox ME in the
living room, equipped with a
large-capacity hard disk and
acting as server. AZBox min-
iMe’s can then be installed
in all other rooms with a TV.
These need not have a HDD
attached, since recordings
and time-shift viewing can be
accomplished with the net-
worked AZBox ME in the liv-
ing room.
This way all multimedia
content and recordings can
be distributed to all clients
and films downloaded from
the Internet can be played
back by simply connecting
the USB storage device to
any of the AZBox receivers.
The really great thing with
such an environment is that
two different categories of
receivers can be used simul-
taneously with identical firm-
ware and the same remote
Even the not so tech-savvy
members of your family will
like that because they can
easily change from the ‘small’
to the ‘large’ receiver without
worrying about different user
Make no mistake about it,
the AZBox miniMe is a fully-
fledged satellite receiver all
by itself and offers almost
the same range of features
as the AZBox ME, but at a
slightly lower price.
All we’re saying is that a
reduced price brings with it
the differences mentioned
above: A smaller flash mem-
ory allowing only two firm-
ware versions at the same
time, no internal hard disk
and no front display.
If you can easily do without
those features we can hap-
pily recommend the AZBox
miniMe, as it is on par with
the AZBox ME, our reference
Once again Opensat, the
manufacturer of AZBox re-
ceivers, is to be congratu-
The AZBox miniMe is a
great small Linux receiver
with which Opensat adds fur-
ther proof that the AZBox se-
ries is here to stay.
For us (and you) this means
continued technical support
and a steady supply of new
and improved firmware ver-
sions, just like we have come
to appreciate for the AZBox