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Years Ago
Satellite News 1982:
The future 4th TV Channel from France will be transmitted via the
DTH satellite TDF1, which will be parked at orbital position 19°. The
terrestrial stations in France, which are now transmitting TF1 in the
VHF band will then re-transmit the 4th channel in SECAM color. In
July 1982 the main contract for building the DTH satellite TDF1 and
TV-SAT-1 have been signed. They are expected to be operational in
spring 1985.
Switzerland: In a surprise move the Swiss government refused the
concession to build the Swiss TelSat DTH. This delays the start
of this satellite to at least 1986. Regardless of this the English
language program from OTS-2 and the Russian language program
from GORIZONT are being fed into the Swiss cable tv network of
Rediffusion. Both channels are listed in Swiss tv guide magazines.
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