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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
though our LNB was specifi-
cally configured as a C band
LNB. Apart from that, we
were genuinely pleased with
the blind scan results.
Let’s turn to another very
important aspect now. After
all, the blind scan option is
nice to have, but a receiver
can only prove its worth in
everyday use for watching
No need to worry as far
as the AZBox miniMe is con-
cerned: It offers fast channel
switching and comes with a
very reliable software en-
vironment. During our test
we were never faced with
any freezes and all standard
functions such as EPG, tele-
text or subtitles worked with-
out a glitch.
In order to test the PVR
function we attached an ex-
ternal hard disk to the USB
interface of the AZBox min-
iMe. It was formatted with
FAT32 and already included
a number of multimedia files,
so that we were able to find
out how easy or difficult it
would be to use a pre-for-
matted hard disk with exist-
ing files in connection with
the AZBox miniMe.
To cut a long story short:
The external HDD was de-
tected automatically and
added to the directory tree
under /media/sda1.
The only thing we had to
add manually was the path
for the time-shift directory
which is normally created
automatically at the time a
hard disk is formatted by the
AZBox miniMe’s AZtrino firm-
ware. In our case the exter-
nal HDD already had some