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235 —
09-10/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
gan purchasing the necessary materi-
als in combination with others. Nivaldo
da Silva is very concerned about the
quality of the materials he uses for his
own installations: “It always pays to
use quality materials in the long run.”
In 1977 he started his own installation
It didn’t take long for the profession-
al users of satellite signals to discover
him. “Rede Globo de Televisao was my
first professional customer; I installed
satellite systems for the broadcaster’s
advertising customers.” Later on he ac-
quired contracts with other broadcast-
ers like TV Campinas, an affiliate of TV
Bandeirantes, for SBT, TV Cultura and
the religious channel TV Século 21.
This broadcaster is located in the
small city of Valinhas, south of Campi-
nas in the Sao Paulo province in south-
eastern Brazil.
José Maria Albiero is TV Século 21’s
TV Director. He willingly showed us
the antenna installation that ‘Antenna
Whisperer’ Nivaldo erected at his sta-
tion. “We’ve been operating a TV pro-
duction facility here since 1994 and
since 1998 we’ve been transmitting
our program on channel 53.” And since
2000 TV Século 21 has been occupy-
ing an 18 MHz half-transponder on the
STARONE C2 satellite at 70W. “We use
a 6.0-meter antenna to uplink our pro-
gram to that satellite. This dish was
erected by Nivaldo.”
Nivaldo lists for us: “For TV Século 21
I installed a total of five dish antennas
- three that are 3.2 meters in diame-
ter, a 2.6-meter dish and a 4.5-meter
antenna.” One of the 3.2-meter dishes
was fitted with a motor by Nivaldo, the
others are all fixed in place.
‘Antenna Whisperer’ Nivaldo da Silva
can be proud of what he’s achieved. He
took his personal interest in satellite
technology and successfully turned it
into a flourishing business. His focus on
careful and precise installations has re-
sulted in him becoming one of the most
sought after large antenna specialists
in his region.
1. José Maria Albiero is TV Século 21’s
TV Director and is seen here showing us
the satellite signal reception components
2. A look in the TV Século 21
broadcasting control room. Programming
is transmitted locally via UHF channel
53 but can also be received through the
Internet at