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211 —
09-10/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
9. Topsignal requires an enormous
amount of raw materials.
Truckloads of tubes are delivered
that only a short time later become
10. The LNB mount is shaped. A
waveguide is pulled along and then
shaped into the proper form with
a press.
11. The LNB mounts also need
holes. This takes place here.
12. The required pieces are
pressed from an endless roll of
sheet metal which will then be
converted into the dish mounts.
13. The dish mounts are prepared
here. The spacers are formed
here and fitted with the necessary
14. Workers hang the antenna
mounts for passage through the
paint station.
15. Topsignal also has mast
mounts. A worker can be seen
here punching holes in the mast
16. Topsignal also manufactures
mesh antennas. The panels are
stamped here.
17. The assembly pieces for the
mesh dishes are prepared here.
18. The LNB mounts for the PFA
mesh dishes