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209 —
09-10/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
1. This is just a small
portion of the in-line
storage area. The dishes
wait here for further
2. One of the many steps
involved in a completed
dish: the raw shapes
are hung on a chain and
driven through a paint
3. Another paint station
is used for the smaller
4. Employees inspect
each and every dish for
defects. Those that pass
inspection are placed on a
palette; those that fail are
removed from the rest.
5. The mounting holes are
punched here
6. Topsignal sells satellite
antennas and LNBs in
sets. Naturally mounts
are also included. Wall
mounts are pressed into
shape here. Topsignal
uses pipes with 42mm and
47mm diameter depending
on the size of the dish.
7. How do the holes
get into the mounts?
Yes exactly, with this
machine. Topsignal has
more than one of these
machines and they are
used to punch holes in the
8. The mounts travel along
a long chain through
the paint station where
they are spray painted by
workers and then dried.