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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
Original Equipment Manufacturer Topsignal, China
Enormous Numbers
for the World Market
Topsignal’s Founder and
Chairman of the Board
Zongbao King
With a yearly production of five mil-
lion satellite dishes and even more
LNBs, Topsignal is one of the largest
manufactures of these products. The
company actually started in a com-
pletely different product segment: ac-
tuators and motors for satellite dish-
es. It’s an unusual development that
we had a look at in the small city of
Ninghai. Ninghai is located near Ningbo
which itself is a three-hour train ride
south of Shanghai.
Zongbao King founded the company
in Ninghai back in the year 2003. Back
then antenna motors for satellite dishes
were in demand and Zongbao King built
a production facility for these motors.
“Unfortunately, today there’s not much
demand for these motors anymore”,
explains Sales Manager James You to
us. Order quantities have steadily de-
creased, “but we can still handle any
kind of order since our storeroom is still
fully stocked.”
Two other product groups are today’s
sales giants at Topsignal: “In 2008 we
started manufacturing satellite dish-
es and in 2011 we started producing
LNBs.” The quantities are huge: nearly
a half million satellite dishes are pro-
duced monthly and even more LNBs.
The reason these production numbers
are almost the same is simply that the
dishes and LNBs are sold in sets. A