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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
Who needs a satellite dish? Warehouse
Manager Luis Burrion is responsible for
shipping their products.
70% of all shipments were sent to this
local market. “That all changed dramati-
cally in 2011”, reveals Tim to us, “Export
shipments sharply increased to 60%.”
The largest increase was for shipments
to South America (30%); other large
markets for DMS International are India,
Africa and surprisingly Portugal. “Some
shipments from Portugal find their way
back to Brazil”, says Tim regarding the
occasionally roundabout paths that can
be taken in the global marketplace.
As a satellite wholesaler, DMS Inter-
national for many years sold everything
that an installer would need. It’s not like
that today anymore. DMS International
is now concentrating on a few product
segments. “Our largest sales item is
satellite signal analyzers at around 50%.
We produce analyzers under the brand
name ‘First Strike’.” Tim wants to take
the newest version of these analyzers
and further expand his export business:
“My goal is analyzers that can be used
anywhere in the world.” Another impor-
tant segment is LNBs: “They account for
roughly 25% of our sales.” That is only
accomplished because DMS Interna-
tional sells large numbers of LNBs; the
margin with LNBs has in the meantime
become very small. “We also sell multi-
switches, receivers and dishes.”
Vicky has some more numbers for us:
“In 2011 we sold about 30,000 signal
analyzers, roughly 100,000 LNBs and
around 15,000 receivers.” In 2008 DMS
International began marketing their
own line of signal analyzers under the
brand name ‘First Strike’ and the first
model FS1. The successor model FS2 is
planned for release when this report is
published and will soon after be supple-
mented by the FS2Pro. The FS2Pro will
be for DVB-S2 with a color display and
- according to the plan - a GPS receiver
for the direct display of satellite antenna
data (azimuth and elevation). “Our sig-
nal analyzers are not modified satellite
receivers; instead they are true mea-
surement instruments”, comments Tim,
“that provide comparable measurement
data.” Additional ‘First Strike’ mod-
els include a cable TV analyzer as well
as a terrestrial model. “We’re making
sure that these signal analyzers can be
used internationally. The cable analyzer
will operate on an expanded frequency
range so that it will cover every possible
cable TV network.” Tim has something
special in mind for the terrestrial ana-
lyzer model: “It will be able to receive
every known signal standard - ATSC,
ISDB-T and DVB-T.”
Obviously, Tim Heinrichs still has the