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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
Ever since we first test-
ed the AZBox ME in TELE-
satellite 02-03/2012 we
simply cannot take our
eyes off this receiver. The
latest variant arrived at
our test center in an unu-
sually small box and car-
ries the fitting name AZ-
Box miniMe.
The AZBox miniMe sports
a stylish ‘set-top box design’,
which means it comes with
an unobtrusive back plastic
casing which will make it a
suitable addition to all your
existing home entertainment
We were particularly taken
to the slightly inclined side
panels and the interest-
ing design of the ventilation
openings on the top side. In
contrast to those unusual
characteristics, the front
panel looks rather conven-
tional and comes with a but-
ton on the left to switch on
the receiver. The button is
surrounded by an LED that
indicates the current operat-
ing mode of the receiver:
deep standby
In addition, there is the
‘AZBox miniMe’ model des-
ignation in white lettering
and the characteristic Z logo
in black. Looks really great!
To the right there is a mini
phone jack which can be
Miniature HDTV Linux Receiver
a surprisingly wide range of
• LNB-In und LNB-Loop:
Additional receivers or me-
ters can be hooked up to the
LNB loop-through output.
Music lovers and
home theatre enthusiasts will
surely appreciate this optical
digital output in connection
with a digital amplifier. For
analog processing you might
require a digital-analog con-
verter (DAC).
An RJ-45 connec-
tion is a must-have feature
AZBox mini ME
Excellent mini receiver with network
functionality – the perfect fit for any home
used to connect an infrared
receiver. This way the AZBox
miniMe can be hidden out of
sight in a cabinet or behind
the TV panel, for example.
If you want to make use of
that option you need to sepa-
rately obtain the IR receiver,
since the receiver itself is
shipped without it.
Due its small size the back
panel of AZBox miniMe looks
a bit crowded, but that’s only
due to the fact that it offers
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