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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 09-10/2012
how to do it, and we’ll show
you exactly that with the ex-
ample of the AirPlayer plu-
This is a great plugin for
presenting photos directly on
the TV panel from an iPhone,
iPod Touch or iPad. The first
thing you need (apart from
all the hardware, that is) is
the plugin itself.
As always, a Google
search for ‘airplayer’ is the
best starting point and will
yield numerous links to the
readily compiled plugin.
You should, however, make
a point of downloading the
‘mipsel’ version, since this is
supported by the AZBox ME
processor. For a current ver-
sion please go to http://code.
In addition to the plugin
itself you need an FTP cli-
ent. At our test centre we
use FileZilla, which is a ful-
ly-fledged FTP client that is
not only totally free but also
small in size and very capa-
ble. Once again, Google will
help you find a download link
for that software.
Finally, we have to estab-
lish a direct connection to
the AZBox ME via Telnet. For
those of you not familiar with
Telnet, this is a protocol that
allows access to the receiver
using command lines. Linux
is Unix-based, and with Unix
it is customary to work with
command lines. Telnet is re-
quired for exactly that, since