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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
low connections using 128bit
encryption by default and
this (as well as most other
issues) has to be addressed
in Windows System Control.
We set up network shares for
our AZBox ME on a number of
different computers with var-
ying degrees of success. On
some machines everything
worked brilliantly right away,
while on others we had to dig
into the network options.
If you’re more of an in-
stant gratification type we
recommend you use a PC
with Windows XP. This op-
erating system comes with
much fewer security restric-
tions and you’ll be able to set
it up as a content server for
the AZBox ME almost in an
instant. Don’t blame Micro-
soft for increased protection
of its more recent operating
systems, though: It merely
reflects today’s demands in
terms of access protection
and data security.
As soon as you can see a
clear hard disk symbol on
your screen (image 9) you
know your network configu-
ration has been successful
and your AZBox ME can be
used as a media client.
From now on the AZBox ME
media center will automati-
cally show a new directory
whose content is actually on
the server. Everything you
move or copy into this direc-
tory – no matter whether it’s
files or new subdirectories
with films, music or photos –
will be available on the AZBox
ME and can be played back
on the TV.
You might ask yourself at
this stage where legal con-
tent comes from? Quite sim-
ply, from
On this portal you can find
100% legal content such
as movies, music and even
books whose copyright pro-
tection has expired. Newer
content is available as well,
provided free of charge from
some authors.
We use the portal on a
regular basis to download
all sorts of films and videos
that are compressed with dif-
ferent codecs so that we can
find out in our test center
(as in our case), select ‘CIFS
• Server IP: Enter the cor-
rect IP address of the server
here. You can find that ad-
dress in the server’s network
configuration. A word of cau-
tion: In case your server ob-
tains its IP address from the
router via DHCP you should
make sure the server is al-
ways assigned the same IP
• Server share: Enter the
name of the network share,
in our example it is ‘multime-
• Use as HDD replacement:
If your AZBox ME is equipped
with an internal hard disk it
is best to select ‘no’. If you
choose ‘yes’ you may use
your network connection as
a kind of virtual hard disk for
• Mount options: We have
already defined read/write
permission when setting up
the network share on the
server, so it is best to leave
this option as ‘rw’.
• Username: Enter the
name of the account that you
have set up on the server.
• Password: Enter the
password for the correspond-
ing account.
If you are then asked
whether or not to save that
configuration you should of
course confirm with ‘yes’, un-
less you want to discard all
settings you just made (im-
age 6).
After a screen asking you
to wait for a few seconds (im-
age 7) you should see a re-
freshed list with all network
directories. Please make sure
the hard disk icon to the left
does not have a red cross
(image 8), since this would
indicate a problem with the
network share. If you’re faced
with such a situation we rec-
ommend a thorough Google
search for ‘windows7 samba
problem’ which should pro-
vide valuable assistance. Un-
fortunately, there are numer-
ous different causes for failed
network access – in many
cases Windows7 will only al-
9-10. Installation
11-13. Video