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83 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
at the top edge of the screen
(that can actually be called
up in any App) makes it pos-
sible to navigate within the
Spark Portal and also lets
you turn the OSD keyboard
on or off as well as activate/
deactivate the mouse point-
We enjoyed taking a closer
look at the Spark Portal and
the Spark App Store.
Thanks to efficient hard-
ware and the clean program-
ming of the Apps, they are all
fun to use and lift the already
outstanding Spark software
to a higher level.
26. You can order a pizza
from the standard menu...
27. ....or you can custom
order a pizza with your
favorite toppings
28. The practical navigation
bar at the top of the screen
lets you start the Opera
browser and also lets you
turn the OSD keyboard and
mouse pointer displays on
or off
29. The Opera browser
comes with a start page with
links to many well-known
and popular web sites
30. The Microsoft search
engine Bing as seen through
the integrated Opera