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71 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
selected frequency. But, as
usual, this data is only dis-
played if the providers make
this information available in
the first place.
We appreciated the abil-
ity to set up timer record-
ings directly from the EPG;
the HT21 can be turned into
a PVR-ready receiver simply
by connecting an external
storage device to the USB
port such as a USB stick, an
SD card or an external USB
2.0 hard drive. Since timer
entries can be set to repeat
on a daily, weekly or week-
end basis, you‘ll never again
have to worry about missing
the next episode in your fa-
vorite TV series.
Thanks to the included
time shift function, unex-
pected visitors or telephone
calls won‘t interrupt your TV
pleasure. The live TV pro-
gram is simply paused and
then restarted at a later
time when the interruption
has passed. You won‘t miss
a thing!
During our tests we also
liked another feature in the
HT21 that can be activated
while watching TV by push-
ing the NAV button on the
remote control. This feature
allows you to select subtitles
or various audio tracks and
also lets you turn on the in-
ternal teletext decoder. A
zoom function and diverse
channel list editing capabili-
ties are also available here.
Since the HT21 is a receiver
that is especially suitable for
mobile applications, we test-
ed it not only with our large
rooftop UHF antenna, but
also with a small rod anten-
na. As we have already seen
in tests with other receiv-
ers, this small antenna can
also deliver a strong enough
signal for interference-free
DVB-T reception. And with
15. Setting the length of a recording
16. Recording list
17. MP3 playback
18. Internet downloaded videos can be played back without any
19. DivX playback
20. MOV playback
21. Data Manager
22. Photos can easily be displayed
23. Photo selection
24. PVR settings
25. A wide assortment of editing capabilities are available for the
channel list
26. Dubai Sports HD from one of our own modulated DVB-T
27. For our tests we set up a complete transponder from BADR 26°
east as a DVB-T frequency for the Skyworth HT21
28. Saudi Sport 2 from BADR 26° east as received by a DVB-T
receiver in our Austrian test center
29. All six HD channels from our „homemade“ DVB-T frequency
were processed by the Skyworth HT21 without any problems
30. Saudi Sport 1 on BADR 26° east as received by a DVB-T
receiver in our Austrian test center