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67 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
welcome change from the
format found in many other
Even the structure of the
main menu left us with an
overall positive impression.
It is logically constructed and
easy to use. While the main
menu point is selected in the
vertical level, you‘ll find the
sub-menu selections in the
horizontal level. At first this
arrangement might appear
to be unusual but you‘ll get
used to it after only a short
time and soon after won‘t
want it any other way.
Naturally the very first
thing we wanted to do was
test this receiver with our
test equipment. For mobile
applications, such as in an
RV, this turns out to be a 22“
LCD TV. But we also wanted
to see how it behaved with a
55“ plasma TV and whether
it could really deliver incred-
ibly sharp pictures via the
HDMI interface. On the re-
ceiver side, the video output
signal can be set to 720p
and 1080i (each at 50Hz).
You can also match the pic-
ture frame rate to your TV
or display 4:3 programs on a
16:9 TV. A wide assortment
of languages for the audio
tracks and subtitles is an ab-
1. The Skyworth HT21 Installation Assistant
2. Automatic channel scan
3. Main Menu
4. The HT21 is a real multimedia machine with MP3 and video
playback plus picture viewer
5. The HT21 can be matched with any equipment thanks to its
broad settings capabilities
6. Manual channel scan
7. Setting the time
8. The HDMI video output can be set to 720p or 1080i (50Hz)
9. A calendar, a calculator and a video game round out the
functional capabilities of this receiver
10. Info bar with information on the current and upcoming program
11. Current channel technical details
12. EPG Overview
13. Creating a timer entry
14. The internal teletext decoder