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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
A Mini
DVB-T Receiver
Miniature HDTV Receiver
When we opened the care-
fully packaged Skyworth
HT21 DVB-T, we instantly
had flashbacks of those mini
receivers from the past.
Back then they were fitted
with Scart connectors; to-
day‘s modern, HD compat-
ible version from Skyworth
comes with a short HDMI
cable hard-wired into the re-
ceiver for connection to an
LCD or plasma TV.
The receiver is not only
inconspicuously small, but it
also weighs a mere 92g. As
for connectors, it comes with
a DVB-T input, a looped-
through output, a USB 2.0
interface as well as a con-
nection for the external IR
receiver. The IR receiver also
has an integrated LED so
that the user can easily iden-
tify what mode the receiver
is currently in. Because of
its size, Skyworth had no
room to integrate a power
supply inside the receiver
housing; instead it uses an
external power supply. The
overall workmanship of the
receiver, the remote control
and the IR receiver is quite
Thanks to the practical in-
stallation assistant, the ini-
tial setup of the Skyworth
HT21 DVB-T is actually quite
simple. After selecting the
OSD language (English,
French, Italian, Portuguese,
German, Spanish, Dutch,
Swedish, Russian, Turkish,
Farsi and Arabic), the receiv-
er switches over to region
Unlike satellite reception,
there are small differences
in the frequency arrange-
ments from one country
or region to another. This
makes selecting the correct
location necessary so that a
successful channel scan can
be achieved by the user. The
following choices are avail-
able: England, Germany, It-
aly, Spain, Holland, Sweden,
Denmark, Finland, Poland
and Iran. Once the user has
made a choice, the comple-
tion of a scan across the
entire frequency spectrum
in less than a minute com-
pletes the initial installation.
The entire team here at
the test center was com-
pletely fascinated by the
OSD display of this new Sky-
worth receiver. The various
menu entries and windows
are presented in a modern,
futuristic fashion. This is a
Why should the housing of
a receiver be unnecessarily
big, clumsy and heavy when
all of the electronics would
take up no more space than
10.5 x 6 x 1.5cm? The engi-
neers at Skyworth started
thinking about this too and
began working on develop-
ing a new DVB-T receiver.
DVB-T, compared to satellite
reception, is more perfectly
suited for mobile applica-
tions because of its minimal
antenna requirements. Just
think: you could watch TV
in the gazebo in your back
yard, in your RV or in your
summer home.
Of course, a receiver like
this would also need to have
a place in your living room
and in this age of HDTV
would also need to have a
high-resolution A/V output.
Skyworth HT21 DVB-T
Extremely small receiver with
exceptional characteristics