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59 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
46. HbbTV is supported as well
47. HbbTV portal of French/German channel ARTE
48. The OSD keyboard comes with two layouts: classic or
49. SCPC reception from TURKSAT 42° East
50. When doing a blind scan the receiver first looks for all
active transponders of a satellite and only then performs a
detailed signal scan
51. DVB-C reception
52. Web TV with numerous channels covering various
different genres
53. With the help of the built-in web server the Amiko Alien 2
can be controlled remotely with a web browser
54. Language settings made through the Amiko Alien 2 web
55. Status information can be called up through the web
server, and it is possible to shut down or restart the receiver
cated software interface for
creating their own compat-
ible software.
Users can find those apps
in the so-called Spark App
Store, which offers TV li-
braries from a number of
channels (ARD, ZDF, ARTE,
etc.), as well as informa-
tion services such as kino.
de, Sport1, motorsportto-, kicker, or
iConcerts. Even platforms
like eBay and Twitter have