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TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine
— 06-07-08/2012
receiver to a certain times-
lot such as 5 pm to 7 pm,
for example. Watching TV
after 7 pm in those cases
requires the correct PIN in
order to unblock the set-top
Well then, we’ve looked
long and hard at all basic
settings and options of the
Amiko Alien 2, and now it’s
finally time to find out all
about its TV and radio re-
ception capabilities.
As always, we give the OK
button on the remote a go
to call up the channel list,
which consists of three el-
ements. In the left column
you can find the selectors
for All, Favourite, Satellite,
A-Z, Provider, CAS, HD and
Broadcaster which can be
used to restrict the channel
list and to help you find the
channel you’re looking for
The second column lists
the options for the selection
you have made and in the
third column you can see
all channels that meet your
By the way, the Broad-
caster menu item should be
selected to change between
the DVB-T/C tuner and the
DVB-S2 tuners.
The manufacturer has put
the colour-coded function
keys on the remote control
to very practical use for the
channel list. The yellow but-
ton, for example, activates
a range of editing options
(delete, move, rename, add
to favourites) on the fly,
while the blue button calls
up sorting functions (chan-
nel number, A-Z, Free+CAS,
transponder). Finally, the
green button displays ex-
tended EPG information on
the current event of the se-
lected channel.
If you’re looking for tech-
nical parameters such as
frequency, polarisation or
PID you only need to press
the INFO button.
There is even a search
button on the remote which
in combination with the OSD
keyboard lets you search by
name for a certain channel.
Every time a new channel
appears on screen or the
41. The Amiko Alien 2
will happily play back HD
videos downloaded from the
42. Various settings for the
Spark App Store
43. Spark portal with apps
for eBay, Twitter, etc.
44. ARD Mediathek as
presented with one of the
Spark apps
45. Start page of the
integrated Opera browser
with links to some popular
Internet sites
should spare a moment to
think about protecting them
from inappropriate content.
The Amiko Alien 2 pro-
vides valuable assistance
even in that area. It match-
es the rating transmitted
by content providers with
the limit set by you and
can automatically PIN-lock
events out of that range. In
addition, you may restrict
the operating time of the