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49 —
06-07-08/2012 —
TELE-satellite International —
1. The Amiko Alien 2 installation wizard first wants to know your
preferred OSD language
2. Setting the time
3. Network configuration
4. Resolution of the video output – 1080p is also available
5. Various customisation options of the Spark software
6. Whenever new software is available a message is shown in a text
ticker on the bottom of the screen
7. Main menu of the Amiko Alien 2
8. Pre-stored satellite list
9. Each satellite can be configured individually for each tuner
10. DiSEqC protocols 1.2 and 1.3 for motorised antennas are
supported as well
11. Transponder editor
12. Automatic channel search on ASTRA 19,2° East
13. DVB-T frequency list
14. Individual names can be given to favourites lists
15. Adding channels to favourites lists
gin with the outward ap-
pearance of the new Amiko
The front panel consists
of seven buttons which al-
low operating the receiver
without a remote control,
as well as two Conax card
readers and a USB 2.0 con-
nection, hidden behind a
slap door.
The more features are
packed into a receiver, the
more important a perfect
user/machine interface be-
comes, and to make sure
Alien 2 users are never left
in the dark Amiko has opted
for a perfectly readable VFD
display, next to a small LED
which lights up red when
the unit is in standby mode.
Turning around the re-
ceiver to have a look at the
rear panel it becomes evi-
dent yet again that we are
dealing with a top-notch
device here that is a far cry
from your average satellite
set-top box.
On the left there are a
total of three tuner inputs
together with correspond-
ing loop-through outputs.
Right next to those is the
Ethernet socket and the
USB 2.0 connection which
can also be used for USB
hubs, thereby multiplying
the number of USB devices
that can be hooked up to
the Amiko Alien 2. This is
followed by an HDMI out-
put for digital video and
audio and a scart eurocon-
nector as well as three RCA
jacks for analog stereo and
video – even though it’s
hard to imagine somebody
using an outdated analog
TV set in combination with
this high-end digital mira-
cle box.
Your HiFi system can be
fed with digital audio via an
optical and a coax output,
depending on your hard-
ware or preference.
Moving further to the
right there is an RS232 in-
terface. All this is comple-
mented by a mechanical
power switch which can be
used to fully disconnect the
receiver from the mains.
If you are in awe of this
comprehensive list of con-
nection options, then you
may get an impression of
how we felt when our eyes
began to wander across the
rear panel. If we had to find
a missing feature it would
be a 0/12V supply output,
but don’t get us wrong: We
don’t want to sound like
we’re complaining to high
The remote control is just
as impressive. It sits in your
hand brilliantly, sports a re-
markably clear layout and
comes with easy-to-under-
stand labelling.
Yet, looks are not eve-
rything and thankfully the
remote scores highly with
its touch-and-feel factor
as well. Its buttons – while
easy to press – offer just
the right amount of feed-
back and after a short while
this remote stands a good
chance of becoming your
best friend.
The overall level of work-